At Micar Computer Systems Ltd we understand that it is not just about the final Solution, it's about how you get to that Solution and what happens once the Solution has been implemented.

We have the Technical expertise, Methodology, Training, Consulting and Support to see any project through whether it is on a large or small scale. We can provide dedicated full-time personnel whose primary focus is to analyse and determine your business needs. They understand that you are experts in your field and they will work with you to integrate that knowledge into a Solution which will enhance your business needs to obtain that competitive edge. We will be there to see the implementation through and to provide you with the ongoing support and development that you may need as you Business needs change.

Any Project calls on many skilled personnel to provide you with that ideal Solution. Our aim is to simplify that process wherever possible, we will call on resources wherever necessary to provide you with the Software Solution you require, whether you want to be fully involved in all aspects of the development or work solely with our dedicated Project Manager we want the implementation to suit your needs and your resources'.

We deal with the detail so you don't have to.

For more information about our software solutions call us on: +44 (0)20 8531 7444 or E-mail: