Top Ten Designer High Heel Brands

There are so many different brands of fashionable high heel shoes it makes it difficult for a woman to choose.  Many brands of high heels cater to different tastes in style while others show status simply by flashing a designer trademark.

If you are in a group of women that cannot wait to see the red carpet fashions and latest trends in designer high heels, you are not alone.  Many women love watching the parade of designer fashions on annual red carpet events so they can add the latest designs to their wardrobe collection.

To help you determine what designer high heel brands are hot right now, here are the top ten designer brands that are currently in vogue with many celebrities and A-listers.

1. Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is a French designer best known for producing designer shoes with signature red soles.  The shoes offer thick heels that scale down to a stiletto style at the bottom and are best identified via the red soles.  The shoes are on the top of many award winning lists with a design that was inspired by a woman spotted by Louboutin painting her toenails red.  From here, the Louboutin signature red sole was born which skyrocketed the shoe into the top 5 among designer high heel brands.

You can find Christian Louboutin shoes in a broad range of styles and colors, as well as a variety of materials including leather, canvas, satin finish, animal prints, and more.  The shoes have been famously called the “follow me shoe” and have been on the top of the designer brand list since 2011.

2. Roger Vivier

Roger Vivier has long been known as the “father of designer high heels” going back as far as outfitting Queen Elizabeth in the 1950s and actresses such as Ava Gardner from the golden era of Hollywood.  Roger Vivier designer shoes are renowned for their innovative high heel design and unique toe shapes that are often adorned with high end accessories.

Roger Vivier shoes are available in a broad range of rich colors that are integrated in a shoe constructed of the finest materials. Many of the shoe designs contain a blend of high end materials that include leather adorned with a silk accessory or a variety of fabrics that are carefully coordinated with leathers, exotic animal skins, and accessories at the toe.  The Roger Vivier designer high heel brand is also commonly referred to as the Faberge of Footwear which is highly valued by those that crave status, high end fashion, and fascinating designs.

3. Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is a Chinese designer and created the Jimmy Choo designer high heel brand in 1996.  His designer shoes are known for their dramatic designs consisting of unusual feathers and jeweled accessories that often protrude from the basic shoe design.  Accessories such as feather tassels, fur, and jewelry ornaments, as well as other exotic designs are what make Jimmy Choo shoes the preferred designer high heel brand by fashion conscious women around the world.

Women can choose from a wide genre of shoe textures including leather, velvet, beaded designs, cork wedges, silk fabrics, and more.  Many of the shoe designs are crafted with two or three different textures that are carefully chosen to add interest and versatility for accessorizing with the latest fashions.  The textures include crocodile skins, suede, jeweled designs, trendy animal prints, and other textures that are often crafted with more than one color scheme for upscale style. Jimmy Choo shoes are offered in trendy fashion colors such as deep purples and reds, as well as more muted shades such as tans, browns, blacks, and grey shades.

4. Sergio Rossi

Sergio Rossi got started in fashion design at the age of 14.  The Sergio Rossi designer high heel brand has continued to command popularity among many fashionistas around the globe.  From limited edition shoes to designer high heels that are crafted to be a continuation of a woman’s figure, Sergio Rossi shoes are widely known for a unique blend of textures and colors that create a distinguished design that is unparalleled with other designer high heel brands on the market.

It is not unusual to see a Sergio Rossi shoe with three different colors with one on the toe, another on the shoe body, and yet another on the heel.  In addition to a broad range of colors, the shoes are also designed with a carefully thought out selection of textures such as a fine fabric material blended with crocodile skin and patent leather. Or, you may see a Sergio Rossi design with one primary color and one type of material but the shoe is crafted with intricate cutouts and designs that add an unmistakable fashion statement that tells the world that the shoe is a Sergio Rossi design.

5. Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik designer high heel fashions are known for unmatched quality due to the hand-made craftsmanship of every shoe.  Manolo Blahnik shoes are designed with extremely thin and exceptionally high heels with a toe that is pointed enough to make most of the designs very dressy and sophisticated in nature.

If you have ever watched Sex and the City, Manolo Blahnik shoes were converted into a household name via this television show, despite the fact the designer brand has been known throughout the primary fashion capitals of the world for some time.  You can find Manolo Blahnik shoes in a variety of dramatic designs from shoes that come in a variety of grey colors making them appropriate for board room wear to exotic shoe designs that are favored by celebrities such as Madonna.  There are many textures to choose from including suede, patent leather, high end fabrics, leather, and other striking materials.  Each shoe is expertly crafted with some that are adorned with fur, feathers, jewels, bows, flowers, and other accessories that finish the look.

6. Miu Miu

The Miu Miu designer high heel brand was born out of the Prada design by Miuccia Prada.  Miu Miu designer high heels are a mix of eclectic and elegant sophistication.  The main theme of Miu Miu designer high heeled shoes is neutral tones.  But that doesn’t mean neutral has to be boring as the design is often spiced up with glittery heels, buckles, and subtle accessories that make the shoe perfect for going out clubbing or red carpet ready.

Many of the Miu Miu styles consist of a peep toe design, slim and delicate high heel, and front straps that complete the look.  Miu Miu designer high heels also come in a variety of hip styles crafted of fine suede and leather and accessorized with studs, zippers, metal toes and buckles. The styles extend to sleek high heeled boots, casual moccasins and ballet style shoes, and a variety of strappy sandal designs. The Miu Miu designer high heel brand is at the top of every award winning list and the preferred shoe by many fashion conscious women around the globe.

7. Brian Atwood

The Brian Atwood designer high heel brand is meant to be noticed on the red carpet and designer fashion with a look that is unlike any other is the designer fashion industry.  Brian Atwood shoes offer an Italian flair and are elegantly crafted with the finest materials from top manufacturers in Italy.  Most of the Brian Atwood shoe line is crafted with sophisticated suede, Italian leather, patent leather, high end fabrics with glittery sequins, and spontaneous designs that have made the shoe a staple on the red carpet year after year.

Brian Atwood designs his line of high heels each with a hand drawn model, carefully selected materials, and details for construction prior to manufacturing.  Many of the shoe designs boast fearless silhouettes with a stiletto heel that is sky high without being uncomfortable.  The namesake brand is offered in a variety of trendy colors, as well as neutrals and basics all carefully crafted with uniqueness and sophistication in mind.

8. Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman designer shoes have long been known for their flair with glittering designs, studded sky high heels, and luxurious materials.  The Stuart Weitzman designer high heel brand is crafted with a distinct color family in mind including a palette of cool hues, neutrals, prints, warm hues, and vibrant metallics.  The high heels are designed from a wonderful array of textures including lace, leather, patent leather, specchio, suede, satin, printed materials, fabrics, and cork to suit the tastes of every discerning fashionista.

The heels of a Stuart Weitzman shoe are unmistakable with a delicate silhouette that ranges from stilettos to a basic pump height.  Many of the shoes are designed as a basic but elegant high heels, strappy sandals, delicate lace, trendy Soho flair, and other designs that are the signature of Stuart Weitzman. This is what makes the Stuart Weitzmann brand popular with women who demand the very best regardless of lifestyle.

9. Valentino

Valentino Garavani is a well-known Italian fashion designer that has artfully crafted fashions for notables such as Jackie Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, and other famous women who insist on the very best in fashion.  The Valentino designer high heel brand never fails to generate a buzz at a myriad of celebrity events.

Valentino high heeled shoes are crafted of the finest Italian materials including suede, high end fabrics, Italian leather, and woven textures that can add classic or feminine flair to any designer clothing.  The delicately crafted high heels are offered in a variety of trendy colors, as well as neutral shades to complete a look that is fit for the board room or the red carpet. Women can choose from peep or pointed toe designs, elegant stilettos, pointed toe designs, platforms, boot style high heels, and more.  The broad range of colors make the Valentino shoe one of the most sought after brands by celebrities and A-listers alike.

10. Alexander McQueen

The Alexander McQueen designer high heel brand lends an air of sophistication and elegance while integrating designs reminiscent of the 16th century. For this reason, Alexander McQueen designs are known for their perfect balance of strength and femininity with detailed tailoring that makes the brand easily recognized.

When shopping for Alexander McQueen shoes, you can choose from sumptuous suede, sophisticated leathers, high end prints and fabrics, and more.  And, if it is color selection you crave, the sky is the limit when it comes to neutrals, cool hues, prints, and blends of color that are perfectly balanced to finish the look of any designer clothing. You can also indulge in a broad range of textures and styling that is guaranteed to make a fashion statement and dramatic presentation for any occasion.

These are a few of the top picks when it comes to designer high heel brands. So, if you are looking for the crème de la crème of shoes, the brands we mentioned above will surely get you started on your way to luxury and high end style.